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Delicious and varied choices of not-so-small plates and unique craft cocktails are the specialties at this bustling Mediterranean restaurant. The setting and décor are "open

air." From the cold merze offerings, begin with the Three Mezze Tray, choosing from among tzatziki, hummus, avocado feta spread, stuffed grape leaves, baba ganoush and egsplant shakshuka, any of which can be lathered on pita bread. From the hot offerings (there are adozen), try the authentic mini-dumplings illed with lamb or the zucchini pancakes, both served with garlieyogurt. Also sample the pan-scared saganaki Greek cheese with

tomatoes and lemon. There are nearly 20 entree offerings, from grilled branzino to

lamb skewers to a mixed grill for two. Also available are grilled shrimp, a salmon burger

and a falafel platter of croquettes flled with chickpeas, garlic and greens. Don't miss a

taste of the unique baklava with its unusual mix ofchocolate, milk and pistachio.

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